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Every time I think of vitamins I always think of one of my favorite comedians, Lucille Ball doing her vitameatavegamin episode. That is a classic but what is great is now is that taking  vitamin supplements or a multi-vitamins these days does not have to be that hard. No foul smelling or bad tasting liquids to gulp down. Those days are long gone!

Now since being made to take pre-natal vitamins I kinda wish I had been taking something all along. And let me tell you that these pre-natal vitamins have come a long way since I took them 8 years ago. Did you know that most samples I got had 2 pills in them? Yes, one vitamin and one supplement of DHA full of omegas for better brain development. Who knew?? Now I do.

Now walking down the vitamin isle was always overwhelming to me, which  in turn then completely turned me away from taking them. Too many choices and I gave up. I wasn’t even looking at plain supplements, only multi-vitamins for women that had plenty of calcium. There were all kinds of bottles, sizes , brands and even chocolate ones. Sheesh. We have come pretty far since “I Love Lucy’s” days huh?!

My question is to all of you:

Do you take a multi-vitamin?

If you do, what kind is your favorite? Also if you do take them, what made you start taking them in the first place?

If you do not take any, why is that? Was it the overwhelming choices or do you just feel it’s a waste?

I think more people in the sisterhood would be interested to see everyone’s responses and reasonings, so go on, share with all of us!

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