What worked for me this week? | The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


Posted by christy on February 11, 2009

I am so very happy to have moved into the 140s this week. I feel like I’ve been running backwards for the past two months, and now I’ve finally taken a huge leap forward!

I’ve been sitting here going over the past week in my mind and I want to make a note of what I did that worked.

  • I counted every sinlge point and I logged them into WW Online. Every snack, every bite, everyTHING!
  • I upped my veggies. I bought a huge tub of baby spinach and had a salad with almost every meal in addition to the steamed veggies I prepared. Lots and lots of salad with a light balsamic vinagrette.
  • I upped my dairy. I’m normally a huge milk drinker, but I got to the point where I didn’t want to spend my points on a beverage. I mean come on, 2 points for a cup of milk seems like overkill. But I drank my milk (2 cups a day) and I logged the points.
  • I didn’t eat all of my Flex Points. The reason is that I feel like the extra points I’m getting for breastfeeding are a little much. I’m allowed 10 extra points and opted to use 9, which are added into my daily allotment. I’ve been using all of my points everyday, but didn’t feel the need to use all of my Flex Points. For the most part, I’ve been completely satisfied everyday with 29 points.
  • I got moving. I finally got my Wii Fit and I’ve been using it. Not as much as I should be, but I have used it. And I’m sore, so I know that my movement is paying off a little!

I never, ever want to see the 150s again. EVER. I am looking forward to making my way down the 140s and into the 130s soon. Is it possible that I might look good in a swimsuit this summer? That I might be able to buy a size 10 jeans in a month or so? I love it!! I can’t wait to shrink some more.

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