When my body has other plans… | The Shrinking Jeans of Crooked Eyebrow


Posted by crookedeyebrow on February 23, 2009

I thought I had this whole week planned out with meal planning. Wrong. In attempts to conquer morning, afternoon and evening sickness I was a wee bit closer to figuring out what worked for me, or so I thought. What did work, isn’t working quite so well now.

My plan was to eat small, frequent, healthy meals while drinking plenty of water, orange juice and milk. It was an easy plan but it has not panned out the way I had hoped for. Instead this week has welcomed a nasty cold that leaves me unable to stomach food and tolerate fluids. So, this week my body has other plans. Something tells me that I’m just going to have to go with the flow and listen to my body.

If only my body was telling me it was okay to eat bowls of ice cream, that would be nice…but then the scales would totally tell on me.

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