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When we started The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans we all had goals in mind and we were ready to start our walk down the weight loss road together. Our journey so far has been nothing but awesome here at shrinking jeans. This week I have to announce that my road to shrinking jeans will be taking a different turn. No longer will I be able to hope for shrinking jeans. In fact, my jeans are surely to keep expanding.

For a full explination you can read here at my personal blog, but long story short…I am still pregnant. I am so blessed and excited to finally expand my family as I had hoped and prayed for. Me Pregnant? After so many years I never thought I would be saying that.

(with a history of PCOS, I lost weight and got pregnant!)

In 2000 during my first pregnancy I started out at 150# but ended up at a whopping 215# on the day I delivered.  I gained 65# and I am not about to do that again. So here on shrinking jeans I will be gaining weight, but I am going to be smart about my pregnancy this time around.

When I found out I was having my son about 9 years ago I had the mentality that I was eating for two and more was better. If I had a hundred bucks for each ice cream container I ate by myself, I would be a millionaire. My meals were full steak dinners including all the fixings and dessert. I lost all control and it continued even into my post-par tum.

My post-partum  days were full of low self esteem, obesity and depression. I hated what I let by body get to and I do not want that again. This time around my plan is to be physically fit and for my body to be rich and full of nutritious foods for me and my baby. Oreos and ice cream no longer have a place in my healthy pregnancy plan.

So in the next few months I no longer will be hoping for shrinking jeans, but a slimmer, healthier pregnancy this time around. My goal is to only gain 25-35 pounds, less if I can help it. Each week I will still being weighing in with the sisterhood and sometime in the fall, I will be right back to shrinking my jeans down for good!

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