Overindulgence | The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


Posted by lisa on March 22, 2009

This weekend we had my husband’s best friend from childhood here for a visit.  That means we went out to eat twice at very yummy restaurants and that I ate too much and that in the span of three days, I have gained three pounds. 

Now I know that most of it (hopefully) is salt weight and alcohol weight and fingers crossed, with a little self-control and discipline and exercise, by Weigh-in Wednesday, most of that weight will be gone.

I think I really need to eliminate drinking alcohol for the time being as that just weakens me even more.  I’m not saying that I drink all the time, but it seems that once I have one (or even two) margaritas, I throw all the caution to the wind and tell myself- WTH.  Just go ahead and pig out on food already.

Obviously, that is NOT what I should be doing.  So from this day forward, for at least the next challenge, NO MORE ALCOHOL.  No more empty calories.  It’s not worth it.

So um yeah, I’ll be hitting the gym today, tomorrow and the next day……

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