The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC – Eating Right Because Our Jeans Are Too Tight


At the end of each challenge, we like to announce our Biggest Shrinker, present him/her with a fabulous badge, and conduct a little get-to-know-you interview.

Meet Christine!

Christine was our Biggest Shrinker for the Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking Challenge, with 7 pounds lost! Way to go Christine! Since Christine doesn’t have a blog (she does have a Facebook page!), I’m going to proudly display her Biggest Shrinker badge here. Maybe several times!

Here is our interview with Christine:

Your blog address (if you have one!!): Don’t have one

Challenge start weight: 182
Challenge end weight/total lost: 175 / lost 7 lbs

What made you decide to join the Sisterhood?
I joined because I liked the idea of being able to communicate with others who are trying to lose weight as well as keep motivated and to share ideas that work. We all want to look and feel better so this is a great way to encourage each other.

If we were to stalk you for a day, what would your average day’s food plan look like?
For breakfast I eat oatmeal with raisins, but I try not to eat till around 9:30am. For lunch I eat a low fat turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce on Weight Watchers  bread and eat 1/2 a grapefruit or other fruit.  Later in the afternoon I eat a Weight Watchers yogurt. Sometimes if I am really hungry I will have some mini rice cakes or a 100 calorie pack of cookies. I also drink water throughout the day, at least 48 oz. I save most of my points for supper as I like to eat meat. I have a serving of beef or chicken and at least 2 servings of vegetables. If I have any points leftover I will have another fruit or low calorie snack.

Clue us in to your favorite “healthy” snack:
I LOVE sugar free/fat free chocolate pudding!

Do you follow a specific diet plan?
Yes, Weight Watchers online.

What does your exercise regimen consist of?

I have a treadmill which I do 30 minutes a day. Now that spring is in sight I try and get outside and walk for 30 minutes on my lunch break as well.

What are your biggest cravings? Do you ever give in?
I LOVE potato chips!!! Not the baked ones either. I don’t buy them as I would eat the whole bag, but if I am someplace and they are being served I will have some.

What one item of clothing are you looking forward to purchasing once you reach your goal?
I have my eye on a particular sundress.

You are such an inspiration to all of us here at Shrinking Jeans! Where do you get your inspiration from?
I just feel so much better physically when I am eating right and exercising. The feeling of my jeans getting baggy is awesome, and visiting your blog helps to keep me on track!

If you could offer one piece of advice to the rest of us at the Sisterhood, what would you say?

It’s ok to go off your plan occasionally as long as you are still accountable for what you are eating. Just get back on track as soon as possible and maybe drink some extra water and do an extra workout or 2.

Christine, congrats again on being our Biggest Shrinker! You’re hard work and dedication definitely paid off during our 3-week Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking Challenge.