From Christy | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


My laptop hard drive crashed on Saturday. Forty-eight hours ago. I am without my lifeline to the outside world and it feels so wrong. Dell promises to have another hard drive in my sweaty, shaking palms soon, hopefully by tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m forced to use my dinosaur desktop, which won’t even load most pages because it’s so freaking slow. I’m lucky enough to get into the Gmail site, viewing the HTML version. My blackberry doesn’t work at my house because I live in a canyon with no cell coverage!

So I’m feeling a little sad and a little happy. On one hand, I’m missing my connectivity, my outlet, my work, my friends. On the other, I’m enjoying the forced break. I started reading a book, which is something I haven’t done in over a year. I’m hanging out with my kids and I’m not aggravated or frustrated with them because they are disturbing me while I’m trying to work, or answer emails, or concentrate.

I am sad, though, because although I back up my laptop fairly regularly, I haven’t done a back up in over 3 weeks. I have lost lots of work, so many pictures, and so much time.

So cross your fingers that Dell gets my hard drive to me quickly. And if you feel up to it, send Dell an email asking exactly why my hard drive crashed on a very expensive laptop that’s only 9 months old? All I could get out of the tech was that it was a 0024 error. Something to do with corruption or something. Ugh.