How far I've come – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


One of the biggest traps that you can fall into when you are on a weight loss journey is to worry too much about how far you have to go.

What about focusing on how far you’ve come?

Brian touched on this a little on Monday when he shared his Wii Fit weight chart. I’ve been keeping a weight graph since 2003.  Every week (or, at times, once a month), I log my weight into an Excel spreadsheet and I can see exactly how far I’ve come.

The steep incline was when I was pregnant with Emma.  The little, steady incline around Week 209 was when I decided I could do it on my own.  I couldn’t, LOL!

Look at that decline!  I did that.  Noone made me.  It was just something that I decided within myself that I needed to do.  Some may think “Gee, that took her a long time…” but who cares?  I did that.  That’s what matters.

The next time you feel discouraged and want to quit because you have “so far to go”, take a moment to remind yourself of what you’ve done.

So tell me…how far have YOU come?  What have you accomplished so far?

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