I'm going to do it | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I am making a pact with myself this week to make it to the gym a minimum of three times.  I have been procrastinating and coming up with every excuse in the book NOT to over the last few months, most of those excuses revolving around my baby. 

BUT, it’s time to get my a$$ in gear and into the gym.  STAT.  Pronto.  Like, yesterday.  But it really won’t be ’til Monday. 

It’s time to kick start my metabolism, lose some fat, gain some mucle, have more energy, and ensure that I can keep up with my children.

I have to make ME and my body  and my health a priority. 

Note to self:  Turn the computer off.  Close the laptop.  Gather the children.  Get in the car.  Drive to the gym.  Exercise.  Repeat.

I hope my “girls” don’t flop around.

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