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Posted by christy on March 15, 2009

Now I know the Sisterhood is here to help you stay motivated, to give you a place to hold yourself accountable, somewhere to come when you are feeling down and need kind words. The Sisterhood is all of that and more! But  now, I’m encouraging you to take a step further and find a friend here. Someone who you can email when you’re feeling weak and down, or when you’ve reach goal, or just done a good job. Someone to share your joys and your lows. And vice versa.

For me, that person is April. I met her on Twitter, invited her to join the Sisterhood, and we’ve been fast friends since. I share emails with her daily about everything under the sun, but the reason I enjoy her so much is that she knows just what to say when I’m down. She’ll shoot me an email and tell me to keep going, to not give up. And when we weigh in on Wednesday, she’s always the first one to email or comment telling me, “GREAT  JOB!” And I do the same for her. It’s wonderful!

So this is what I want you to do: Look at the comments on this post as a personal ad space for weightloss buddies. If you want to find one, leave a comment. If you see someone you think you might like to befriend, reply to theirs. Find someone to share your highs and lows with, you’ll never regret it.

So do it NOW, k?

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