The Weekend Plan | The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


Posted by lisa on April 3, 2009

I’m going on a very much needed “weekend away” with some very dear friends.

We aren’t going far- just two hours down the road.

However, I am scared that I will throw caution to the wind and SCARF down every single bad food put before me.  And drink.  And eat some more.  And drink some more.

I know I have a choice when we order at breakfast or lunch or dinner. For the most part, I am comfortable with saying that I will make the right choices.  3 of the 4 us present are part of this Shrinking Jeans Sisterhood.  I am fairly certain “my girls” will keep me in check.  I will keep them in check as well.

Christy and I plan on exercising in the hotel gym Saturday morning (might be the afternoon if we are hungover…I’m just keeping it real, ya’ll). I’m gonna get all “Jillian Michaels” on her ass.  Oh, I jest.  Maybe.

The hard part for me as far is eating is concerned is nighttime snacking. I think I need to have a plan in place for when I get the munchies in the evening.

Anyone have suggestions for good, healthy but delicious, easy to travel snacks?

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