A Healthier Easter – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Gosh, you gotta love holidays, right? Just when you think you’re in the clear, another one comes along! This time we’re being tempted with candy coated chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies just begging for their ears to be bitten off, and sugar-coated marshmallow birds! Oy! As usual, Weight Watchers hits me with an email yesterday that answered all of my questions about trimming down during Easter, and gave me hope that I can continue to shrink through the holiday.

What I gleaned from the article is that you’ve got to allow yourself to indulge a little. We know that right? Strict denial leads to overindulgence. You know the sweets are going to be all around, so plan for them. Save some points or calories! It’s only one day, and you’re not going to undo all of your hard work scarfing down sampling a few treats. You should stay away from chocolate bunnies the size of your forearm though, just so you know. Even if they are hollow, they’re still evil!

Some suggestions for smart snacking are miniature bags of jelly beans, gummy bears, and small foil wrapped candies. These will allow you to get just enough without going overboard. Things to stay away from include, the aforementioned foil wrapped bunnies, any candy larger than the end of your finger, life-sized gooey cream filled eggs.

Here are a few more tips to help make your Easter a little healthier for the entire family!

  • Instead of buying a bunch of candy, buy plastic eggs and fill them with non-candy fun, like stickers, tattoos, coins, costume jewelry, and other small toys.
  • Get moving as a family! A vigorous Easter egg hunt can be fun for everyone! Take a walk after lunch or dinner and throw your candy in your neighbors’ yards!
  • Think about putting snack packs in your kids’ baskets! Goldfish, 100-Calorie packs of cookies, animal crackers.
  • If you do want to buy candy, only buy a little. Who needs all of that candy lying around tempting you days later?
  • Put some new crayons and a spiffy new coloring book in the basket in lieu of the gigantic chocolate demon bunny. Jump ropes and sidewalk chalk are fun, too, and will get your kids moving.
  • If you do end up with tons of useless candy lying around, bag it up and send it to school with your child. Take it to work and dump it in the break room (just like everyone else), and then stay away from it. Send it to work with your husband. Sneak over to your neighbors house and leave it on their front porch. Throw it away and then take the garbage out. Just get it out of the house!

If you keep you head on straight, you’ll most definitely make it through this holiday with little or no rise on the scales! Just remember, nothing tastes as good as thin and healthy feels!! Write it down, stick it all over your house, heck tattoo it on your arm so you’ll see it every time you reach for that stupid hollow bunny.

Yesterday we posted a couple of great main dish recipes, and today we’ll hit you with some dessert recipes, and look out tomorrow for some side dishes. No one says you have to eat the traditional oh-so-bad-for-you ham and mashed potatoes!!