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Okay ladies and gentlemen (I can say that now! We have doubled our brothers!), we are gearing up around Shrinking Jeans for the big Shred challenge starting on Monday! Are you with us?

Let’s start with the basics.  What do you need to do this?

*Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.

*Hand weights are optional. I am going to try my 5-lb weights.

*If you are going to be working out on a hard floor, you may want a mat.

*Women, support your girls. A good sports bra is always a plus!

*Comfy, breathable workout clothing.

*A good pair of athletic shoes.

We love that you don’t need anything fancy to do this workout!

How about some before photos? I know, we all hate taking pictures of ourselves, but seriously, seeing the results along the way will help motivate you! I will be taking mine before Monday, although I haven’t quite decided if I will share now or wait and show the before AND after photos when our 30 days are up! If you are super brave, share your photos on our Flickr group!

Now rest up, stay hydrated, and be ready to get your butt kicked with us on Monday!

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