I set a goal… | The Shrinking Jeans of Crooked Eyebrow


Posted by crookedeyebrow on April 9, 2009

I set a goal to walk 5 times this week on the treadmill and I am failing miserably. Yesterday I read so many blogs that were talking about shredding and how they felt good afterwards. Just reading them pumped me up. Thinking to myself  “this is exactly what I need to read, I need motivation”.

Well by the time I got home, cleaned and cooked dinner each night this week I was exhausted. Too exhausted to even haul my large ass to the treadmill,let alone turn it on.

Now after several days of not walking I feel like a complete failure. It has been my goal to have a healthier pregnancy for myself and my baby and I can’t eve n seem to commit to 5 days of walking. Shame on me.

So I felt that I should confess that I haven’t been trying my best. Hopefully tonight I will make it happen. Hopefully, my flabby thighs are hoping too…

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