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Posted by beth on April 2, 2009

It’s hard to believe that a little blue fish is helping to motivate me to get off my duff and do some hard core exercise today, but she is because what she says is so right on.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Yesterday I shredded for the first time and it was really, really, really hard.  REALLY hard.  Although it was only twenty minutes, it was twenty minute of intense workout that my body was not prepared for, because normally I hardly move at all.

However, when I completed the workout, I was so proud of myself (and SO disturbingly sweaty).  And now, almost twenty hours later and completely and totally sore (every.single.muscle), at 10:15 today, I’ll be doing the workout again, which I can’t imagine doing because OW, it hurts to stand up or walk up the stairs.  But what I did find out is that the more I move, the better I feel.  The less I move, the more sore I am.

So, last night when I had planned to sit around and rest my fatigued body, instead I got up and cleaned and I actually felt better.   I even played Wii with my family!   This morning when all I wanted to do was lie in bed and stare at my ceiling?  I got up and cleaned some more and did laundry.

I’m pretty pleased with that, really.   And even though my arms and legs (and neck and back and ass) feel like they are going to fall off, I’m still so glad to have FINALLY taken this step.  I’m finally taking care of me and I am so excited.

I also lost four pounds last week, which makes me doubly proud of myself.  It’s a really good feeling.

(by the way, if you’re looking to Shred with us but did not win the DVD, it’s on sale at Amazon for $8.49, IT’S A STEAL.)

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