April 2009 Archives – 2/6 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I would like you, my darling 5 yr old, to STOP talking to me while I exercise. Today was Day 18 of SHREDDING. I have to be honest with you that today, TODAY, I had a hard time motivating myself to actually don my exercise clothes and well, exercise.  I procrastinated as best as I […]

This week’s winner of the weigh-in giveaway, sponsored by Kim @ Nothing But Chatter is…….. …..our very own ValleyGirl, Tammi @ Becoming a Woman of Moderation Tammi’s prize includes some really nice goodies to help soothe her aching muscles! Tammi, if you can email me with your mailing information, that would be great! Thanks so […]

Okay, all of you shredders (you ARE still shredding, aren’t you?) and work out peeps, listen up!  You have the exercising part down pat now, but do you have the nutrition part figured out? When someone says to me, “oh, you can’t have this cupcake because you’re on a DIET,” or “what diet are you […]

Can you believe we’re halfway through the Shrink Into Summer challenge? Yes, it’s true, we have 4 weeks left! Four whole weeks to meet your goal, and you can do it! You know the drill! Hop on your scales, blog all about it, and come back here with your link. Did you struggle this week? […]

Do you remember when you decided it was finally time to take the big step? Admitting that you were overweight, out of shape, and ready to make that life changing decision to lose weight? Well, this past week we had lots of new ladies step on the scale and decide it was time to Shrink […]

A few weeks ago, I ran across this blog. I was completely blown away by this man’s attitude and success he has had in reshaping his mindset and his physical self. He once weighed in at over 400 lbs and has managed to lose over HALF HIS WEIGHT! Amazing! I asked him if he would […]

Let’s all give Kim from Nothing but Chatter a big shout-out for sponsoring this week’s giveaway! She has put together some goodies for soaking our sore, sore muscles! With all this shreddin’ that’s been going on, I know that this will be heaven for one lucky reader!! You know the deal… Wednesday = Weigh-In Day. […]

I missed True Confessions last week…where was I?  Probably shredding!  Anyway, here are my true confessions, boring as they may be. Last week, I had horrible snack munchi cravings in the evenings. I gave in almost every night to those cravings. Except for last night. I ate dinner at 5:30pm and then only had an […]

1. I’m still Shredding. Just finished today’s workout. Check out my progress here. 2. I missed Saturday. 3. I took last week off of the gym. 4. I went to the gym today. It felt good. 5. I came home and popped Jillian Michaels in. 6. Level 2 is so much harder after you have […]

Just a quick pop-in. Did Shredding Day 14 this morning. Better than yesterday. Still hurts like a mother-trucker. My quads are sore, sore, sore and it hurts to go up and down the stairs. I sweated like a mother-trucker. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. My abs hurt. Thank you Jillian. I’ll be turning you […]

I found this recipe in my Taste of Home Comfort Foods Diet cookbook. It’s an awesome cookbook, and this recipe is the BOMB! Seriously, who knew lasagna could be healthy, and if it’s healthy, it certainly won’t taste good, right? WRONG!! Trust me on this one. My son (5) and daughter (17 months) gobbled it […]

Today, I thought I was going to die. Or at least lay down on the floor and go to sleep. For me, today (Day 13, I think) was the most difficult day. My muscles are sore and tired. My body is tired. My eyes are tired. I slept 8-9 hours last night. But I am […]

As I was browsing the food aisles, I spotted Smartfood popcorn clusters. The chocolate cookie caramel pecan variety had me at hello. Seriously. These are SO GOOD. One little bag can definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. It tastes so, so, naughty… but the nutritional info speaks for itself! One package contains: Calories:  120 Fat:  2 […]

So yesterday, I felt like a fumbling, stumbling mess on day 1 of level 2. I should have previewed it like Lisa did! Today was much better because I didn’t feel like I had to stop to keep checking if I was doing to moves right. Here are my thoughts from today! I was not […]

A size 16 at one place might not be the same at a different place.  You go to one clothing store only to HAVE to squeeze in the 16′s, but then you trot to the next clothing store only to be a Size 14.  It can make shopping for yourself a living hell, especially when you […]