April 2009 Archives – 4/6 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Today was Day5 of the 30 Day Shred here at the Sisterhood, and I have to say it was my best day yet! I can honestly say I loved it today!! Here’s how it all went down. I put my daughter, Mia, down for her morning nap as usual and planned to get Shredding right […]

Back in the fall of ’08, I came across Christie on her blog, Baby Tea Leaves. She was hosting a “Hot for the Holidays” challenge and I decided to participate. Ever since then, I have watched her succeed in goal after goal! Christie is truly an inspiration! I asked Christie if she would be interested […]

I set a goal to walk 5 times this week on the treadmill and I am failing miserably. Yesterday I read so many blogs that were talking about shredding and how they felt good afterwards. Just reading them pumped me up. Thinking to myself  “this is exactly what I need to read, I need motivation”. […]

This week’s winner of the Sansa Clip MP3 player sponsored by our very own Lisa is… Melissa from Roxymommy! Congratulations girl! I know where you live, so your MP3 player will be on it’s way soon! ;o) Make sure you check out our current giveaway here! There are many ways to enter! Follow us on […]

For about ten seconds after my alarm went off at 5:10 this morning, I was wondering who in the world set my alarm to go off that early.  Oh, yeah.  I did.  Why?  Oh, yeah.  I was told yesterday, “everyday is a work out day now.”  To the one who told me that, um, thanks.  […]

Yo, yo, yo Sisters and Brothers! We’ve made it through the second week of the Shrink Into Summer challenge!! How do you feel? Are you shrinking yet?  Are you ready to don a bikini and hit the beach?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe never. So much has been going on this past week here at the […]

My goodness, I don’t know where too start. Yesterday after the first day, I had so much energy it was insane. I loved it. I also found it necessary to keep moving so my muscles wouldn’t burn. Yes, they were burning like a calf getting branded. Ouch. So this morning when I got up, I […]

One of the things we all struggle with while trying to lose weight is eating in moderation.  Above that?  Eating in moderation during the holidays.  Holiday get togethers are traditionally centered around food, which pretty much sucks because it’s nearly impossible to turn down my sister’s cheesecake or my Mom’s potato salad, so I’m not […]

Gosh, you gotta love holidays, right? Just when you think you’re in the clear, another one comes along! This time we’re being tempted with candy coated chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies just begging for their ears to be bitten off, and sugar-coated marshmallow birds! Oy! As usual, Weight Watchers hits me with an email yesterday that […]

Our very own Lisa is sponsoring this week’s Weigh-In contest! She is giving away a black  Sansa Clip MP3 player! How awesome is that? AND if you win, she has offered to even download some songs from her personal collection onto it for you! A few of Lisa’s favorite features: small and compact can “clip” […]

I came across this recipe on Weight Watchers Online today and hope to try it this weekend. Ham is a staple around our house for Easter, but as you know, it’s just not that good for you. So anytime I find a recipe to lighten up a favorite, I give it a whirl! If ham […]

Since we started the 30 Day Shred at the Sisterhood today, we think it would be a great idea to have a mini-challenge that revolves around water consumption! If you’re Shredding with us, you should be drinking so much water!! Water will help your muscles release the toxins and keep you from feeling so sore. […]

Let’s just hope it continues beyond Day One. ;o) I did the usual gym-thing after taking the twins to school this morning. I did 30 minutes on the Precor AMT and 30 minutes on the Precor EFX for a total of 4.6 miles. Not too shabby since I was doing the hill workouts! I decided […]

Whether you’re here for our Shrink into Summer Challenge or the 30 Day Shredding with the Sisterhood, we welcome you! Each and every one of you brings something special to the Sisterhood! Your bring support, insight, advice, struggles, victories, and friendship!! The great thing is that you’ll find all of the stuff you bring and […]

It was as not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I think the expectation in my head far exceeded what the Shred actually was, FOR ME. Don’t get me wrong.  It was hard and I was “heavy beathing” before the first circuit was over.  And push-ups are the hardest exercise out […]