This Week's Sponsor – Steph! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I am excited to announce the sponosor of this week’s prize! Steph has put her heart into personally crafting JEWELRY for this week’s lucky winner! She is very talented -trust me, I know! ;o) I am lucky enough to own some of her pieces!

Make sure you stop by her blog and show her some love! Did you know that Steph was the VERY FIRST person to befriend me when I made my traumatic, middle-of-the-year move to Idaho in eighth grade?! That’s just the kind of girl she is… caring, friendly, and super fun!

Once again, to enter, weigh-in on Wednesday. Write a blog post, leave the link in the comments… or if you don’t feel like blogging just share your results, thoughts, hopes, goals, or whatever in the comments of the weigh-in post! All comments received by 11:59pm Pacific time  will be entered into the drawing for Steph’s prize! Winner will be randomly selected and announced the following day!

Good luck!

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