Wednesday Weigh-In – Shrink Into Summer, Week 1 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Cockadoodledooooooo! Wake up sleepy heads! It’s Wednesday morning and time to weigh-in with the Sisterhood! It’s our first official weigh-in for the Shrink Into Summer challenge. Quick, go potty and the hop on your scales! How did you do? Did you shrink this week? We hope so!

Oh my, it’s been a busy week around here! And you realize it’s April Fool’s Day, right? Well, there ain’t no foolin’ going on around here. Lots’s of other good stuff though!

  • Did you see all of our new Sisters? Yes, we have that many new members of the Sisterhood! WOW!
  • Did you get a load of our first mini-challenge? Oh yes, we’ve got some mad hula skillz around here. Join us and hula! It’s not too late since the challenge runs until Saturday at midnight. And there is a fabulous prize!
  • Speaking of prizes, we’ve pulled out all the stops for our next mini-(well, not quite so mini) challenge! We’re giving away 7 copies of Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred to 7 lucky readers. I know!!!! And do you know why we’re giving them away? Because our next challenge starts on Monday, April 6th, and we’re doing the 30-Day Shred Sisterhood style. You, me, her, him, that girl over there, and oh yeah, you too! The giveaway ends at 3 p.m. TODAY, so hurry over and find out how to enter!

So get your post ready on your blog, come back and check in with your weigh-in post, and start spreading some support to the other Sisters.

p.s. Your weigh-in comment will automatically give you a chance to win yet another copy of Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred, compliments of our very own Melissa! Isn’t she awesome? Aren’t we all?! So leave your weigh-in comment on this post for a chance to win!!!

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