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I haven’t been around much lately, well, I have, but only behind the scenes, because I feel like a big, fat failure right now. I lost my momentum, had a couple of bad weeks, and then went out of town for a week. It seems like as soon as I quit shredding, it all went straight to hell. And no, I haven’t started on the second Shred challenge because I was out of town last week and I’m being honest when I say there was absolutely NO time.

So I’m here to admit my shortcomings. To tell you that I’ve gained weight, although I’m not really sure how much. I haven’t been drinking near enough water. I’m not counting my points. I’m not exercising. The worst thing is I feel like total and complete CRAP. I know what I need to do, it just seems easier to ignore it right now.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. I won’t be traveling, which means I’ll be home and in control of my menu. I’ll have my trusty water bottle at my side and I’ll drink from it! I’ll also have time to start Shredding again, and I will. I promise.

I’m not looking forward to the final weigh-in for this challenge on Wednesday. Not one bit. When I started this challenge, I was at an all time low of 146 point something. I’m much closer to that dreaded 150. So in 8 weeks, I lost nothing and most likely will register a gain. FAIL.

Have you had a rough time? Do you tend to stick your head in the sand when things are going so well? Tell me how you right the wrongs when you fall off course. I need all the help I can get!