Ch-ch-ch-changes | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Just a quick post to update you on a couple of changes here at the Sisterhood! Our beloved Crooked Eyebrow has decided to take on a lesser role here at the Sisterhood due to her due date quickly approaching! She’ll still be around and her blog is still active here, and she’ll even post for us occasionally, but we wanted to make sure there was no pressure!

Keep up with CE’s baby baking progress over here!

You can follow her on Twitter, too!

The next bit of news is especially exciting!! April, who has been a member of the Sisterhood since January, and a regular contributor for a couple of months now, has come on board full-time. Well, whatever full-time means! Basically her picture is right over there on the sidebar and she has here very own Sisterhood blog now. She’ll be posting more and taking on a more active role in the behind the scenes stuff! Be sure to give her a warm welcome!

You can visit April’s personal blog here.

And read her Sisterhood Success Story here.

Follow her on Twitter, too!

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