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Did you know that they put secret elastic waistbands in dockers ?  Its very sneaky and completely hidden unless you were to pull on the fabric up above the pockets, which is covered by a belt anways.  Some strange things have happened at work, but no one has tried to pull on my pockets checking for elastic waistbands – not yet anyway.   But yeah, they are good thing.

I’m not one to brag, but I have lost 18lbs since march 16th.  Also, I’m not one to dwell on the past, since I have also gained 24lbs since march16th.  To put it another way, I’ve gained 6 pounds since March 16th.  I’m not going to get down on myself considering everything.. but I think its ok to be disappointed with myself.   I am going to try to use that “anger”  to help me maybe not each so damn much.  One thing I am happy about is that I  have not gone over 300lbs since I made that declaration on March16th.  I just basically lost 6, gained 6, etc… 

Even though I have gained some weight, I am happy with how may stamina has increased since I started walking the 10 minutes each way to my office from the train each day.   I walk really fast and now after doing it for about 2 months I no longer get winded at all from the walk, compared to when I first started where it took a couple minutes to recover.   Growing up I was always the big,  slow one, last one to finish in wind sprints in basketball, etc…  Its fun to now be considered “fast” by my co-workers, even if it is just walking, I still do it alot fast then they do. 

But yeah.. elastic waistbands are key.