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So four days into the Kellogg’s All bran 10-day promise and I can honestly say that it is truly easy to add fiber to your diet. Even if only one serving at a time.  For me, adding a fiber packed snack has been the easiest. I feel that I’m clearing the way to better health, so to speak…

Way back when we first started writing our weight loss journeys here at the sisterhood we all recognized just how important fiber, water and serving sizes really were to our success. Since then, I personally have attempted to make more of conscious effort in attempting to get the 25+ grams of fiber daily. Have I succeed every time? Nope, but I do know I feel better when I do.

The great thing about Kelloggs All Bran Promise is that they really do have some great, easy products to help all of us add fiber to our diets in a tasty way. So easy, it’s like drinking water!

The All-Bran Fiber Drink Mix in fact is easy as drinking water! After craving lemonade on these newly hot days I have been drinking these tasty treats. (Who knew fiber could be considered a treat??)They come in several different flavors including iced tea and pink lemonade.

Fully expecting these fiber mixes to be thick and grainy, I was quickly surprised. They had a light taste and tasted just like any other lemonade mix. The on the go design packet  make it  even easier to carry in my purse or work bag too!All you do is grab a bottle of water, add the fiber mix, shake well and drink. With that one drink you have added 10 grams of fiber! Yes, in a drink. For best results, drink it very cold!

So the sisterhood wants to know how you have been doing with our mini-challenge? Don’t forget about the Kellogg’s giveaway, you have until May 9th!

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