Let's Get to Know Each Other!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I want to try something a little different today other than my normal Fitness Friday routine. The Sisterhood has been around for about six months now, and so many fabulous women and a few awesome men have joined up with us! Plus, we have had several new peeps join each and every week!  Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know everyone better?!

Here’s the deal:

I want all of you to send me a short email with some info about yourself! First off, let us know where you are from (you don’t have to be city-specific if you don’t want!), then write a few sentences about YOU (hobbies, interests, anything!). If you would like your blog address published as well, be sure to include it. And if you want to include a photo or two, attach those as well –we all know I LOVE PHOTOS.

Email me at [email protected], preferably by Wednesday, and I will get our “Getting to Know You” post up next week! Chop, chop ladies and gentlemen!

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