May 2009 Archives – 2/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Yes, I realize that today is Tuesday but I very badly need to “confess”. I am in an exercise funk. My last day to SHRED was Thursday. I have not shredded since and I have no desire to. I put my exercise clothes on this morning in hopes that by wearing them, I would feel […]

**Don’t forget to send me a short bio about yourself with or without a photo by the end of tomorrow please -we have had a great response so far and I know you don’t want to be left out! We want to know a bit more about each and every one of you! **Remember these: […]

Can you believe our Shrink into Summer challenge is coming to a close?! Our FINAL weigh-in is this Wednesday! Have you been shrinking? Are you getting buff? We have some AWESOME prizes this week! From Dawn at Embracing the Ordinary Life:   Mary Kay Sunscreen (SPF 30) and Sun Replenishing Gel. From Melissa at Roxymommy:  iPod […]

We have several new ladies who’ve decided to join us here at the Sisterhood! Even though our current challenge is coming to and end, it’s never a bad time to become part of the Sisterhood. Now is always a good time to start eating better and exercising! Like these ladies below, you shouldn’t put it […]

I haven’t been around much lately, well, I have, but only behind the scenes, because I feel like a big, fat failure right now. I lost my momentum, had a couple of bad weeks, and then went out of town for a week. It seems like as soon as I quit shredding, it all went […]

I love asparagus and this time of year it seems to be readily available and reasonably priced! This recipe is one I haven’t tried, but I do plan to make it this week. It sounds so fresh and light, but filling! I think I’ll substitute some Barilla Plus fettuccine noodles in place of regular because […]

Get your party hat on! It’s Lisa’s birthday!! Sneak on over to her place to show her some love and read about her life lessons! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISA!! We love you and hope this year brings you wonderful opportunities and memories!

I want to try something a little different today other than my normal Fitness Friday routine. The Sisterhood has been around for about six months now, and so many fabulous women and a few awesome men have joined up with us! Plus, we have had several new peeps join each and every week!  Wouldn’t it […]

Let’s get to the good stuff!! The winner of the ToeSox giveaway is… Heather from Mama Sass! And the winner of the Weigh-In giveaway sponsored by Pat and Missy is: Jen from Daily Mish Mash! Congrats, girls!! Also a big THANK YOU to our prize sponsors! Email me at [email protected] with your mailing info so […]

I hope that post title didn’t come across as rude.  I certainly didn’t mean it that way. But, really… Why are you here? Yes, I know to get support in your weight loss journey.  That’s the surface answer.  But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you want to lose weight? So many of […]

Hey all of you Shredders!!  We’re in Day 3 of Shred the Second!  How are you doing?  I don’t know why but I am WAY more sore this time!  Anyway, today we have another Shredding newbie’s thoughts for you!  Tirah has  volunteered to tell us about herself and give us her thoughts on Day 3.  […]

Did you know that they put secret elastic waistbands in dockers ?  Its very sneaky and completely hidden unless you were to pull on the fabric up above the pockets, which is covered by a belt anways.  Some strange things have happened at work, but no one has tried to pull on my pockets checking […]

I’m working on losing my muffin top….Are you? This will be a short post- I am so incredibly crazy busy today.  I think I’ll do this “bullet-style”. This is Week 7 of our Shrink Into Summer Challenge- there is only ONE week left.  How are you doing?  Are you nearing your goals for this challenge?  […]

Can you believe we are coming to the end of Week 7 of the Shrink into Summer challenge?! Wow! This week’s sponsors are Pat and Missy from Grasp the Love. They are giving away both the supermarket and the restaurant version of the Eat This, Not That books. If you have been hanging around The […]

Just checking in! It’s been awhile since I have posted on my personal blog! I have been down for the count lately! Seems like I have been sick for ages now -took antibiotics last week, but they didn’t work. I guess I need to try something else. Remember my injury mid-Shred? Well, it is still […]