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16 weeks!

I am 16 weeks pregnant already. The time is flying by, but thankfully I am feeling so much better these days.

Luckily at work there are team competitions going on  right now with wearing pedometers and it is encouraging me to get up during the day and take those steps I need. It is a  great motivator for me to see my steps (or lack there of). I want my team to win but I’m loving that I am getting the  exercise I need to boot. Not to mention that I am  still trying to continue to walk on the treadmill as well. TYRING…

My diet? Outside of  the delicious Easter candy floating around, I think I am doing great! Far better than I did with my first pregnancy. Thankfully all the food that sounds and tastes good are great choices for me. Like I seriously can’t get enough salads and cottage cheese. Just thinking about a Cobb Salad makes my mouth water. Before it would have been cookies or ice cream.

How’s my weight gain? Well since last month I have only gained one pound. I am perfectly happy with that and think that a pound a month is just fine. We’ll see what my Midwife says next week. One pound in a month and quite the bellly growth as well!

I’m still having struggles with things too.My struggles for the last week have actually been water consumption. Isn’t that horrible? It is! Shame on me, I know better! Unfortunately at night my stomach hurts so badly that even water upsets my stomach. So for this week my goal is to get more of that precious liquid in during the day. We’ll see how that works. I’m thinking I should just plan on living in the bathroom.