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So, I blogged here about eating lots of carrot cake and gaining a pound this week.  I could feel bad about it, but I don’t.

Honestly, though, I thought that I had done enough to at least maintain this week.  Seriously, folks, I ADDED work outs and cut calories the other days, so the gain was a tad bit of a shock to me.

We have to learn how to listen to our bodies and gaining a pound is my body telling me that it has now adapted to my work out schedule.  I have been doing Turbo Jam’s Cardio Party and once a week, either the Shred or another strength training DVD.  My body has said, I’m onto you, April.

So, starting tomorrow, I’m changing it up.  I’m not thrilled about this because I LOVE Turbo Jam, but I think for a while at least, it needs to be done.  So, I’m going back to the P90X work outs.  And while I’m not going to do the entire program, I’m hoping that a few weeks of this new schedule will be enough of a shock to my system.

So, for all of you that are curious, here is the schedule I’m going to be adopting for the next few weeks:

Day 1-Chest and Back (strength training)

Day 2-Plyometrics

Day 3-Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper (strength training)

Day4-Rest or Cardio X (we’ll see how I’m feeling at this point)

Day 5-Legs and Back, Ab Ripper (strength training)

Day 6-Kenpo

Day 7-Rest

I’ve done this program before and it’s awesome but the schedule SUCKS.  But I really think that this is what my body needs to get back into gear!!  So, wish me luck!!!