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So a day after my triumphant return to the treadmill, I end up in the hospital.. Are they related ?  I don’t know… but basically I had symptoms of food posioning, heat exhaustion and a 24 hr flu bug.   I did break the cardinal rule of working out, weightloss and summer.. I didn’t drink much water.   I won’t be doing that again !  I’m pretty sure that it was food poisioning that was just made much worse by the fact that I was dehydrated from the workout and beer drinking I had done the day before, as well as the fact I was outside in the 100+ degree weather for a few hours that day.  At any rate I’m just about 100% again and ready to go work out before everyone wakes up. (We are at a hotel in MI). I ‘ll be bringing a bottle of water with me, no doubt.   The one good thing at the hospital was that when they weighed me on their huge scale that the poor aide had to lug into my room, I was 298.  Which pretty much agrees with my home scale had been saying, so it does appear to be accurate.