New Sisters!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Do you remember the day that you found the Sisterhood?  Of course you do!  What I remember most is getting the warmest of welcomes.  I never expected it, but I loved every single bit of it and every single comment I received from each Sister.

That’s why I get so excited to see new members join our ranks and ask to be added to the blogroll.  I want to make each and every one of you feel just as welcome as I did when I first joined!!

This week, I’d like to introduce you to some new fabulous people!  And some of you may not be new to our Sisterhood, but you’re new to the blogroll, so we wanted to give you a shout out, too!!

Kristina K @ Gabe and Kristina’s blog

Jen @ Prairie KnitWit cooks and shrinks.

Emily @ A Day in the Life

Gabrielle @ Fitness is Free

Rochelle @ Rochellie*Berry

Jamie L. @ Mrs. Fatty Pants

Sisters and Brothers, help me welcome these wonderful ladies!!  Let’s give them some Sisterhood love!!

Ladies, WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD!!!  We are so very glad you have joined us!

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