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I just want to exercise. Actually, I don’t really WANT to exercise but I NEED to exercise. I put on my exercise clothes, put my shoes on, put the baby down for a nap and put the other two kids in front of the TV.

All I need is 30-40 minutes of free time to exercise, for me.

Did it happen? NO, NO, NO.

I am so mad and frustuated and disappointed and at my wit’s end.

I just want a few minutes to concentrate on ME. Do you hear me? Me, me, me. I know it might be unheard of.

A mother of 3 kids wants a few minutes to herself to concentrate on herself. WHAT?!!!!!

Instead, I go to the 3 yr old who needs help wiping his butt, then I go to 5 yr old is crying hysterically because she dropped part of her crafty, necklace thing-ma-jingie in the trash can and needs help digging it out, and then up next, tend to the screaming, crying baby who apparently is not napping.

Oh yeah, throw in a good cry for me.

Do you see exercise on that list?