Shrinking Days of Summer – Weigh-in #6 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning ladies and gentleman!!  Gather ’round, it’s Wednesday, and you know that what means!  That’s right, it’s weigh-in day!  How’d you do?  For those of us in the States, how did your holiday weekend go?  Did you do good?  Bad?  Talk to us!

Okay, you know the drill.  Go get on those scales.  Remember, good or bad we are here for YOU, so we want you to tell us about it!!  So, after you weigh-in, go to your blog and just let it all out.  Then get back over here and leave us a link to your post in the comments!  Also, don’t forget to go leave your fellow brothers and sisters some comment love!

Did you check out the Leaderboard last week?  Team Sage is still in the lead!  Teams Orange, Purple, Lime, and Fuchsia round out the top 5, and let me tell you guys, it is possible for any team to take the lead, even though we’re nearing the end of the challenge!  So, buckle down teams!  It’s go time, and I know you can do it!

TEAM CAPTAINS:  Please EMAIL your team members’ current weights to Christy ([email protected]) by 9 p.m. CENTRAL TIME.  We don’t want any teams left out, so it’s extremely important that you get your team results to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, k? Thanks!!

Hey!  Did you check out our prizes from our sponsors this week?  Awesome stuff there, my friends!!

And are you subscribed to us?  How about twitter?  Following us yet?  Just do it!  (Okay, that was lame, but you smiled, admit it!)

I hope everyone has a great day!  Good luck this week and shrink away!

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