Team Leaderboard – Week 4 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


The numbers are tallied and the results are in!

(Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!)

Team Sage has hung on to their lead for another week with a total loss of 3.19%! Fantastic work girls and guy! You are doing AMAZING things and we are so proud of you! On top again, we have:

Steph Shawn Liz McKenzie Jamie L.


Team Orange is hot on their heels, followed by Team Purple in third!

Several teams shrunk big-time this week, but the Biggest Shrinking Team for the week is… Team Peach! It’s their first week in the game and they are showing that they are a force to be reckoned with! They came out with a BANG and lost a whopping 1.09% of their body weight! Let’s hear it for Team Peach:

Theresa Lanel Mary C. Bari Carolyn


If you had a not-so-good week, don’t give up. Brush it off and get back on track. Teams, if you notice one of your teammates struggling, take some time to send them extra encouragement. The littlest gestures can mean a lot. Those of you who are consistently shrinking, WAY TO GO! I love seeing all of your successes!

Please, remember to email us with your weights by 9pm Central time on Wednesday evenings! We sure appreciate it!

Teams not reporting this week, who will therefore have the same percentage as the previous week:  Team Khaki (with the exception of Randall -thanks!), Team Silver, and Team Coral.

Have a good holiday week, everyone!

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