Team Leaderboard – Week 6 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We are nearing the end of our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge and I am so impressed by all you Shrinkers out there! Let’s take a look at this week’s Team Leaderboard!

(Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!)

Team Sage is still leaving us in their dust, care to share some of your secrets with us girls and boy?? Congrats to:

Steph Shawn Liz McKenzie Jamie L.


Team Orange is closing the gap, however, so watch out! Team Navy has moved there way back up into the 3rd place position -great work teams!

Our Biggest Shrinking Team for the week is… Team Yellow! They lost a total of 0.94% of their body weights just THIS WEEK alone! Way to go, girls! I am so proud of you! Team Yellow:

Jennifer M. Jolynn Sheila C. Erika J. Megan R.

Melissa R.

TEAM CAPTAINS, please remember to email us with your weights by 9pm Central time on Wednesday evenings! We sure appreciate it!

Teams not reporting this week, who will therefore have their percentages carried over from the previous week:  Team Coral (except for Gina!), Team Silver (except for Sarah!), Team Bronze, Team Fuchsia, and Team Khaki.

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