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Hey everyone!

It’s been a few weeks since I “confessed” and now that the July 4th holiday is over, I think it’s time to resurrect True Confessions Monday.  You got anything that you need to get off your chest?  You might be thinking “there is no way I am going to confess my transgressions on the internet”, but believe me, you’ll feel so much better and most likely you will find that you weren’t the only one to do such and such, eat such and such, drink such and such. 

So start thinking about what you would like to share with all of us, write a post on your personal blog and leave the link in the comments section so that we may all read what you have been up to this past week.

C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Here are mine……

  1. Since my last dismal weigh-in, I have been paying close attention to what goes in my mouth get your mind out of the gutter.
  2. I am hoping for some kind of loss this week, as we all are.
  3. I have been exercising every day with Sunday as my off day.
  4. I had a plan for July 4th party I attended so that I would not gorge myself.
  5. It went allright.
  6. I did allow myself to indulge in two maybe three margaritas.
  7. And 1/4 of a small funnel cake.
  8. Hey, what can I say?  I’m only human and the funnel cake kept talking to me, begging me to eat it.
  9. I went shopping Friday night and to my delightful surprise, the clothes that fit me best were one size smaller than the previous time I shopped.
  10. I am reluctant to type this because I am not fully this size, but I think I am almost for sure maybe a Size 12?
  11. I will be a Size 12 and on my way to a size 10 in these next few weeks.
  12. Every night I want to snack my way to bed.
  13. It is a very bad habit that I am trying to break.
  14. Of the last 7 nights, I have snacked two of those nights.
  15. I am going for zero nights of snacking this week.
  16. I can do it.  Can you?

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