True Confessions Monday – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


July 6, 2009 By Christy

It’s Monday and I have a lot to confess. So much. While I tried, and mostly succeeded, to make good choices over the holiday weekend, it didn’t always work out.

  1. We had friends in town, and that meant going out to eat ALOT.
  2. I suck at eating healthy when dining out.  SUCK.
  3. I ordered 1/2 & 1/2 soup and sandwich on Friday. I really wanted a burger, but I resisted. I had a couple of fried pickles.
  4. Instead of the steak I wanted to order on Saturday night, I had a grilled chicken breast. But I did indulge in mashed potatoes! Fair trade off, I think.
  5. We made s’mores. I ate alot of them. The end.
  6. I really wanted pancakes on Sunday morning, but I ordered a Western omlette instead. Unfortunately, it was drowning in cheese
  7. It was all over on Sunday afternoon. I skipped lunch because breakfast was kinda more like lunch, and then I had 2/3 of a cheeseburger, a hot dog (reduced fat at least!), baked beans, artichoke dip, beer, banana pudding (made with FF pudding and reduced fat Nilla wafers, but at this point, did it really matter?), beer, and not much water.
  8. I’m pretty much a swollen mess right now. It sucks and I wish I could rewind the entire day yesterday. I would have eaten dry toast and coffee for breakfast and stuck with just hot dogs for dinner. Ugh.
  9. What’s done is done. I can only hope that the number on the scale goes down today and tomorrow. If not, then I’ll be reporting a gain on Wednesday, and I really, really, really don’t want to report a gain.
  10. That would suck my ass.