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How many of us get tired of the  How many of us get so tired of the doing the same routine every single day that we have just quit because we’re bored?  Come on, raise your hands.  I’m raising my hand, too.

Well, did you know that when we do the same work outs every day for an extended period of time, our bodies become accustomed to those work outs?  When this happens, then our bodies stop changing and we stop seeing the results that we so desperately want.

The solution to this problem is to try something new.  By trying something new, our bodies and muscles get confused and we start losing weight again!  And trying something new keeps us from getting so bored with our routines that we just throw our hands up and quit.  It’s a win-win, right?!

I started a new fitness program this week.  I started the ChaLEAN Extreme program.  I completed Day 3 last night, and I couldn’t be more excited!  (PS.  I’m going to blog every day about it on my personal SJ blog….see it over there on the right?  So follow along if you’re curious, k?  Thanks.)  All of the work outs are completely new to me, and I know that once I get the right size weights that will work for me, I will really start to see those final pounds come off!

Now, I know that if you’ve clicked on the link to ChaLEAN Extreme, you’ll see that it’s kind of expensive.  So, I understand, if that’s not something you’re willing or can put money into.  But, what you can do is TRY SOMETHING NEW.

So, I’m challenging each and every one of you to try one new work out this week.  I don’t care what it is as long as it isn’t walking.  Walking isn’t allowed.  (Unless you’re under doctor’s orders.)  If you’re a member at a gym, try a new class.  A spin class or a kick boxing class.  If your gym doesn’t have classes, then try a new machine that you’ve never tried before!  If you don’t go to the gym, borrow a friend’s work out DVD that you’ve never tried.  Go for a run.  Jump rope.  TRY SOMETHING that you have never done before and have always wanted to do and TRY IT.

Then you can either blog about it, or just come back here and tell us about it!  Either way, I want to hear what you’ve tried because who knows, maybe I want to try it too!

So, let’s get our bodies back into gear!  Let’s confuse them!  And let’s try something new!

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