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How many people’s mouths dropped just now?  You’re thinking, did I read that right?  April just said that?!

Yes.  I did.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that show and think that it truly does inspired people to change their lives, but let’s be honest here.  It’s a reality TV show.  And we all know there is not much reality in Reality TV.  They need ratings just like every other TV show.  So, how does a reality TV show about weight loss get ratings?  They show huge weekly weight losses.

And how do they do this?  Those folks eat, breathe, and sleep weight loss.  Literally.  They leave their families and homes to go to the ranch (which I have read is much like a college dorm).  They work out no less than 8 hours a day, and most days they work out 12 hours a day.  And that’s six days a week.

Can you work out that much?  Of course you can’t.  It’s not realistic.

So, why then, do you get discouraged if you “only lose a pound”?  Believe me, I am the first to say I miss the 4 lb loss weeks, but I was working out nearly an hour and a half every day.  And well, I do work out around an hour a day 4-5 times a week, but sometimes I don’t.

I’m not saying that I’m not putting in the effort, but what I am saying is that I am doing what is realistic for me right now.  So, I am losing what is realistic for me right now.  Yes, it can be frustrating and annoying, but overall I am very happy with each and every loss.

Here at the Sisterhood, we are all about realistic.  We don’t expect you to lose 10 lbs in a week.  Because in the REAL world, that’s just not going to happen unless something is wrong.

What we do expect from you is for you to try your best.  This is a place where you can be honest and accountable for your actions in your weight loss journeys, and you know what?  Not once will we judge you.  Not once will we ridicule you.  We may “go Jillian’ on you, but hey, we all need that every so often.

But we also know that you need picking up when you fall.  And we’re here for you.  We know that you need a good pat on the back when you do well.  So, we’re here for you. And even if you need to talk about something totally unrelated to weight loss, and you feel like you have no one else.  Well, we’re here for you.

That’s why it completely bums me out when I see people that just seem to disappear on weigh-in days.  Why?  Is it because you didn’t lose 10 lbs?  Did you just have a bad week?  Tell us.  We want to know!  We want to pick you up if you need it!  Even if you just go to your blog  and say, “I gained weight, and it sucked.”  We are here to say back, “Hey! It’s okay!  You’ll do better next week!”

Because in real life, sometimes things happen, and we do gain, and we do have bad weeks, and that is okay.  Just as long as you keep trying.

Celebrate those one pound losses!  Don’t worry if they’re not 10 lb losses because we love you anyway!

And we may not be the Biggest Loser, but we all are the Biggest Winners.  At least we all are in my book.

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