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I haven’t posted on my personal blog in a while because frankly, I am struggling right now.

The summer has been extremely busy with traveling other places, having LOTS of friends and family visit us and more traveling. It has been extremely difficult to maintain any kind of exercise regimen, let alone eating the way I should be.

Even when we are at home for any period of time, by ourselves, my time has been fraught with taking care of the three children, running errands, cleaning the house, cooking, dr appointments, dentist appointments, playdates and the like. To make matters even more difficult, my husband is working ,out of town quite a bit essentially leaving me a single parent most weeks.

The baby naps twice a day.

Trying to fit in exercise is a logistical nightmare.

I know I have to do this for me, I do. But I feel so overwhelmed with LIFE and doing it on my own that I struggle.

I’m not asking for you guys to solve my problems or to be Pollyanna and cheer me up. I don’t need anyone to go Jillian on my ass either. I’m not sure what I need. Actually, I do know what I need.

I need another ME. One that can focus on all the other stuff so that I can focus on ME.

There is no easy answer to my dilemma. I have to figure out how to schedule it all in and make time for myself. And I will figure it out. It’s just taking more time than I thought it would.

In the meantime, I need to QUIT NIGHTTIME SNACKING RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. I do so well during the day, but nighttime rolls around, the house is quiet and out comes my favorite snack- CHIPS!


Anyhoo, I have exercised twice this week already and I plan on doing it again this afternoon, so at least I am TRYING to make it happen. Dare I say that I won’t have a nighttime snack tonight?