Weigh-in Day Sucks When You Have Gained Weight – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


August 19, 2009 by lisa

I could give you excuses, many excuses.  But that’s all they would be- EXCUSES.

I don’t even know where to begin except to say that the last challenge, I gained weight.

Since then, I have gained a few more.  Enough that I have to replace the 15# loss badge over there on the right with a 10# loss badge.  Not good news folks. 

Do you guys want the excuses?  Do you? 

There is a LONG list of why I have GAINED FOUR POUNDS since the end of the last challenge and really it can all be attributed to eating salty foods, indulging in more than one portion of whatever is on my plate, and NOT exercising.  Let’s throw in a bunch of emotional eating for all the stress I have been under and voila!, here we are, FOUR POUNDS heavier.  Mind you, I am down 1.5 pounds from last week so if I had come clean last week, it would have been UP 5.5 pounds.  And that folks, is why I HAVEN’T been weighing in the last few weeks…..because I am embarrassed.  Did anyone notice that I wasn’t weighing in?

You guys come here looking for motivation and maybe a role model and I feel so “woe is me” lately.  I’m not even motivating myself so how the hell can I motivate others?  I have been in denial for a while now and not doing much about it because frankly, I feel like I am barely treading water taking care of the three kids I have (and mostly on my own), and taking care of the house, and traveling here there and everywhere…..

The only one I’m not taking care of is ME.

And now, writing this post is bringing up emotions that I have been pushing down for quite a while and I’m going to leave for a little while and be done with this horribly, Debbie Downer, woe is me post. 


Maybe once I stop feeling sorry for myself, I will tell you that I am PUMPED about doing the EAS Sports active 30 Day Challenge and I am seriously contemplating re-joining Weight Watchers and maybe even going to the meetings (versus online).  We’ll see.

My current weight is 177.5 lbs.  My goal is to lose 30 lbs.