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Exercise, that is.

I exercised yesterday and I exercised today.

Can I just say- OMFG.  I am so TIRED.

Today, I did 35 minutes of a cardio sculpt class.  Think of it as the 30 Day Shred on crack.

Weights, cardio, abs.  Over and over and over with no breaks.

The first time I looked up at the clock, only 5 minutes had passed.  Good Lord.

I am surprised I lasted 35 minutes because really, in those first 5 minutes, I thought I might die.

For realz.

And then the Sisterhood would have had to find someone to replace me.

Anyhoo, after cardio sculpt, I hopped on the treadmill to walk one mile and walk one mile I did, at a 3.7 clip.  Not too shabby.

Now, my body is tired, tired, tired.

Have I mentioned that I am tired?

Oh yeah, I cut out my afternoon caffeine 5 days ago. 

Don’t panic, I’m still slurping down 2 cups of coffee in the morning, but I have now cut out the afternoon chug-fest I have been doing since Blogher.

Go me!

My husband arrives in from England in less than one hour, after being gone for two weeks.  I am happy to have him home.  He better behave : ).

Can I make tomorrow Day 3 of 3 for Exercise?