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The weirdest thing has happened. I told myself that for this challenge, I wouldn’t focus so much on the scale, but how I felt.

I managed to stick to three out of five of my new ‘habits’.  I didn’t eat after 9 pm, I ran three times a week, and I haven’t touched fast food for THREE WHOLE WEEKS.

And you know what?

It worked this time!

I am down 2.2 pounds from last week, and exceeded my goal of 4 pounds for the challenge…I’m down a grand total of 4.4 pounds – today the scale said 174.6.

Victory is MINE! And it is sweet.

To be honest, I was pretty surprised at the amount lost this week. But, I do have some pretty stressful things going on my life right now and I feel like my body is in a constant adrenaline surge. Not the best way to lose weight – I wouldn’t recommend it. But I do feel good that I didn’t go face first into a tub of ice cream or give in and hit the drive through.

Can I just say I am so excited that I finally met a goal that I set? And that I get to order this sweet skirt as my reward?

Happy dance!