Heather » Blog Archive » Do These Chicken Nuggets Make My Butt Look Big?


Now that my son is eating solid food, I’ve run into a big challenge.

Not eating what he is eating. And not FINISHING what he leaves on his plate. I’d heard of the mommy garbage disposal phenomenon, but wasn’t sure it was for real.

Believe me, it is.

Chicken nuggets. Sweet potato fries. Teddy Grahams.

It’s very subconscious…I hardly realize I’m doing it. A bite here, a bite there. It adds up.

Thankfully, he’s a pretty healthy eater. But still, finishing off his tofu and green beans, then eating my own dinner later…not a good thing.

I could solve the problem fairly easily if we all ate dinner at the same time. But my husband doesn’t usually get home from work till 7 pm, which is just too late for the little guy.  Do I eat earlier, without my husband? That’s a thought. Though sharing a meal after a long day can be so comforting.

Lately, if I catch myself before it’s too late, I throw all the leftovers into the dog bowl. Because my dogs don’t care if they have extra chins.

How do you avoid the mommy garbage disposal effect?