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Giving out my measurements is often as uncomfortable as getting my BMI measurement (or fat pinched – whatever you wanna call it). And someone was asking me for my measurements recently and since I didn’t have a measuring tape handy, I took some pink ribbon and tied it around my areas, cut them, and measured them.

What I was left with was three pink ribbons that I didn’t know what to do with afterward.

And I thought, hmmm. That’s me, right there, in those pink ribbons.

There’s my leg. There’s my hips. There’s my waist. In three pink ribbons which look so dainty and pretty (and long, but whatever.) So I thought, rather than throw them out, I’d conduct a little experiment.

Let’s see if I can shrink some of this ribbon.

Let’s see if I can’t remeasure myself once a week and maybe trim a little off  the ends. They are measured exactlyperfect to my circumferences. They touch ends exactly. So even if there is a tiny little overlappage, I’ll know some amount of inches were lost.

Since I like to keep things interesting and all…

Who out there has some string? Anyone wanna play along with me? Let me know! Take a picture and we can do some string test updates! Here they are, my starting strings: (you can see my leg up top!)