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Today is the beginning of a new challenge and I want so badly to work hard and get over this hump already! 10 pounds. That is what I need to lose and that is what I’ve needed to lose this whole entire year! While my fitness has improved, my eating has kind of fallen to the wayside, so it’s really time to kick it into gear here, Sisters! I need me some serious group-hugging, accountability and safety in numbers!

Lose for Good is an amazing challenge in every way because you, 1) lose weight for yourself. 2) buy non-perishables in the weight that you lost. 3) FEEL HOW MUCH WEIGHT you’ve lost, I mean physically LOOK at it and see for yourself. and finally 4) Donate it all to your local food pantry. The more weight you lose, the BETTER IT IS FOR EVERYONE!

Just think about the people you’re helping while you’re busy helping yourself! I know I will! Let’s do this, girls! I’m so excited to be shrinking with all of you!!!