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Oh my goodness, I last updated my shrinking jeans blog when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I need to fill y’all in! Currently I am 33 1/2 weeks along with a sweet little baby girl.

Yes a girl! (squeee)

Before I stepped away from the Sisterhood (you know, while my jeans were expanding and not shrinking…) I wrote that my goal was to only gain about 25 pound in these blessed 9 months. How have I been doing???

Well, as of today I have gained 26 pound with about 6 weeks to go. Not too bad and I am totally accepting that I went over my ideal goal  that I had set in mind.

I have done a few things differently from when I was pregnant almost 9 years ago. First, water. I have kept up with all my water intake and limited just about all pop out of my diet. For the first few months I did have a slight addiction to lemonade though. Second, activity. I remained much more active in this pregnancy than I did with my son. Although I didn’t make it on the treadmill as much, I did squeeze in workouts. Finally, my diet choices were more health conscious than before. Thankfully I craved salads for the first 5 months and I did manage to stay away from nightly bowls of ice cream.  So 26 pounds doesn’t sound bad at all, right???

With that in mind, I am now looking towards how I am going to shed that weight once my baby girl is in my arms. That’s where the sisterhood comes back into play. Although I have been quiet, I’ve still been reading and keeping up with all these amazing challenges. I figured I’ll be coming back with my own challenges. Post-partum weight loss and I know I’ll need all the love and support that the sisterhood has become known for!

and that’s why I’ll be super-excited to be back.