EA Sports Active Profile – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


August 25, 2009 By Lissa

30 Day Challenge Profile

Name:  Melissa Anderson

Age:  30

Hometown:  Bismarck, ND

Family:  1 Husband, 4 Kids, 3 Cats, and 1 Dog.

1) Complete the following sentence – “When I look in the mirror I see… there’s room for improvement.

2) What exercise do you take? What’s your current level of fitness?  Currently, not much exercise due to injury. Doing physical therapy and plan to start at the gym again. I was in pretty decent shape until May.

3) How do you relax? I listen to music, write, take photos, read, or watch worthless reality TV.

4) Do you watch your weight? I am trying.

5) What’s your favorite body part? Smile. Does that count as a body part?

6) What’s your least favorite body part? Stomach and thighs.

7) What’s your favorite way to workout? Outdoors!

Its time to work out, we’re most likely to find you decked out in? Capri workout pants & tee or tank.

9) You’re due to workout, but it’s pouring rain. What do you do? Why, EA Sports Active, of course. Or go to the gym.

10) What’s the one item you wouldn’t be without when working out? Most definitely my iPod.

11) What do you hope to get from the 30 Day Challenge? Regain some sense of physical fitness and lose weight.

12) What are you apprehensive about going in? Only about my back issue.

13) How will you reward yourself after the challenge? New clothes or maybe a trip to see friends!

14) Complete the following sentence – “I’m Active for …” ME!