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Before I decided to get fit, I would always say, “I would totally work out, if I just had someone to work out with.”  And I would.  If I could find someone else that would work out with me, I would do it.  I didn’t necessarily need the person there to talk or socialize with, but just knowing that someone was waiting on me to work out with them helped me get my tail to the gym.  Eventually as I caught the exercise bug, I found that I actually didn’t mind working out on my own and a lot of times preferred it that way.

But how many of you say the same thing that I did in the beginning?  “If I could just find someone to work out with.”  Trust me, I get it.  Just having someone there makes it better.  A buddy can help motivate us, cheer us on, and ensure that we get our work outs in until it becomes habit.  (By the way, remember our Challenge?  How are your habits coming? )

The problem is in finding a work out buddy, right?  Nope.  What I found when I was using that excuse was that I had friends that were using the same excuse!  So, I started saying things like, “I’ll go to the gym if you will.”  And if that person said no, I just tried someone else.

Finally, I found a work out buddy, and for months we went to the gym 3 days a week.  Not once did I miss going to the gym when we worked out together.  Then spring came, and she wanted to run outside.  I’m not a runner, so I stayed inside for my work outs, and I still didn’t miss a day.  The bug had gotten to me, and I didn’t need to have a work out buddy anymore.

Now, if I hear someone say they will work out if they have a buddy, I always offer to be his or her work out buddy.  Because I know how it hard it was for me to get out there and get started and maybe, just maybe, if I’m their work out buddy, they’ll get bitten by the bug, too.

So, here’s my challenge for you.  If you know you would get your work outs in if you just had an exercise buddy, then FIND ONE.  This week.  Whether it’s to go to the gym and work out, or to walk at lunch (you could even start a walking group at lunch), just find someone who wants a work out buddy too.

If you’re already into the work out thang, you’re not off the hook.  Do you prefer to work out alone or with a buddy?  Also list the reason for you answer, please.  I’m nosy like that. ;o)

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