I am going to Shrink for Good – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


August 30, 2009 by Christy

Yes, I am. Once and for all. I have 16 pounds to go until I reach my goal and nothing would make me happier than to lose all 16 while on this challenge! But I’m not going to get crazy or anything.

OH, the challenge, it’s SO wonderful and amazing and it brings tears to my eyes thinking that we, WE, can do so much good while making ourselves so much better.

So here I am today. Last night was my “splurge” night, so I’m afraid I’m not at my best on the scales this morning, but that’s okay, it just means I’ll have more to donate, right?!!!

Shrink for Good starting weight: 146
Shrink for Good goal: lose 10 pounds

A little extra: If I lose 10 pounds, I will donate 10x that amount to my local food bank. That’s right. I will donate 100 pounds of food if I hit my 10 pound goal. I know it’s a lot, but it’s so worth every single ounce, and I’m going to work EXTRA hard for it this time around.