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This time last week I was in KY drinking too much beer. Tonight i’m just drinking lemonade. I should be drinking water. I wont’ drink any more lemonade tonight.
Did you know that in KY guys impress girls by revving their truck engines and the louder your truck, the more desirable you are ? I had no idea.  I learned this while driving down Shelbyville Rd in my minivan when all of a sudden a heard this insane noise that for a split second I thought was my engine blowing up. I look over to see three shirtless guys in a pickup yelling at some girls who were having a carwash fundraiser. Random, I know – i’m just trying to avoid the whole weight conversation thing.

Beth and I took the kids to the fair the other day ..and I was happy that I mostly stayed away from fried (except those damn fried cheese cube things) and I didn’t even go for the “bubba size”  pulled pork sandwich.  I did get a large ice cream cone though.

My last name definitely isn’t Control.  I say “f*ck it” way too often.

Thanks to everyone for all of your words of encouragement – I just wish I would have looked at them when I was down in KY.  But now i’m feeling all motivated thanks to you ladies.  Tomorrow I’ll give the EA Wii thing a shot.   I didnt bother to weigh myself on Monday..but I did hop on today and to find that I  gained the 4lbs back.  I must Focus-Power, you know, like Daniel-Son.  I really want to break that ice !!  (update i just got some water instead of lemonade.. its the little things, right ?)