August 2009 Archives – 4/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


after all was said and done last week, I lost 4lbs.. which I’m happy with. I hope to do something close to that this week, though we are going to KY to celebrate my neice’s 3rd birthday. Parties are tough- I can do it though !

Good morning Sisters and Brothers! It’s weigh-in day here at the Sisterhood, so rub the sleep out of your eyes, dust off your scales and step on. How’s it looking? Is it a good number? Are you shrinking? We sure hope so! Yesterday we started a brand new challenge, and this time we’re doing things […]

First, let’s talk about ChaLEAN Extreme.  Early this afternoon, I noticed that my hamstrings were SORE.  I was super excited about this.  Why?  I never have been sore in my hamstrings.  They’re already really strong, so the fact that I worked them to the point of soreness is an awesome thing!!  (I know, I’m weird.)  […]

Guess what??  I have a Sister Spotlight for you today! This spotlight is from me!! I noticed really early on when this person joined us that she was one dedicated chick!!  Because I have to work from 8-5, I don’t get to read weigh-in posts until the evening, and I noticed that this new girl […]

It takes 21 days to form new habits. Goodness knows I need to work on creating some new habits that I’ll stick with. I’m just as good as anyone else at declaring that I’m going to do something, then doing it for a little while, and then slowly petering out. As we all know, this […]

Have you heard the old saying ‘it takes 21 days to form a new habit’? Well, we’re going to test it out here at the Sisterhood! We’re going to see if we can successfully form new habits over the next three weeks, and we’re going to do it together, because together, we can do ANYTHING! […]

It’s still Monday and there is still plenty of time to confess your past week’s transgressions, struggles, wins. For those of you new to this concept, every Monday, we invite each of you to “confess” what has been going on with you over the past week- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Write a […]

By soon, we mean tomorrow! YES! Tomorrow! This challenge will be fast and furious, at only 3 weeks long, but exciting and completely worth it. Why? Because you’ll be focused on SHRINKING! Check back tomorrow for all the details on the newest challenge!

Forever and a day ago, I subscribed to the newsletter from Jillian Michaels’ website.  Last week, I got my first newsletter. The first newsletter I got, I saw a recipe that I wanted to try RIGHT NOW.  But, my mom and I always wait and try new recipes together, so we made it today, and […]

People often ask how I come up with my recipes, and I often say, “Trial and error and error and error.” And it’s true. Sometimes I get lucky and a dish comes together immediately. But more often, it takes attempt after attempt to get a recipe right. This dish is an example. I set out […]